Human Development Center

Human Development Center

HDC Initiatives for Professionals

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Welcome to the Human Development Center! We offer professional development, continuing education, and interdisciplinary training to professionals related to neurodevelopmental disabilities. We also provide training for LRS certification for employment support professionals. 


Employment Specialist Core Training:

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Employment First Training

Employment First is HDC's 5-, 10-, 20- or 40- hour core training for employment support professionals. It meets LRS vendor training requirements and Medicaid Employment provider rules.

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To recruit individuals with disabilities:

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PAY Check

The Postsecondary Apprenticeship for Youth (PAY Check) helps young people ages 15-22 get work experience, take college courses, and find a job. PAY check can place participants in your business.

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For interest in advocacy and leadership:

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Leadership Education in Neurodevelopment and Related Disabilities (LEND) is a nine-month training program. LEND trains professionals and graduate students in education or healthcare to prioritize the needs of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other Neurodevelopmental disabilities. LEND also helps self-advocates and family members become effective advocates and community leaders. 

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