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AUCD Emerging Leaders Map

The AUCD Emerging Leaders Map highlights diverse trainees and early career leaders across AUCD’s network. Each person was selected for inclusion on the map based on their contributions to the network, how they have demonstrated leadership, and their values and commitment to diversity, inclusion, and respect for others.

The Map provides an opportunity for you to explore and learn more about each trainee and early career leader. When clicking on a pin from a Program/Center, you’ll learn more about each trainee about their passions, how they have leveraged their traineeship, how they are emerging as leaders, and advice for individuals who are interested in joining a traineeship.

HDC LEND Trainee Gregoria Rosa-DiStefano is on the 2018 AUCD Emerging Leaders Map.

To read more and view the map, click here.

To link and scroll directly to Gregoria’s bio, click here.

What is LEND?

The LA Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) is a nine-month interdisciplinary training program that incorporates both didactic and experiential learning in clinical and community-based settings. LA LEND prepares graduate students, family members, self-advocates, and practicing professionals to become future leaders in designing and implementing services, policies, advocacy, and consuming/conducting research and evaluation addressing the needs and priorities of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), other neurodevelopmental disabilities (NDD) and developmental disabilities (DD) and their families. 

Are you interested in becoming a leader in a Health or Education career?

Do you want to improve your knowledge and skills related to:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) other Neuro- and Developmental Disabilities (NDD/DD)
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Life Course Theory
  • Interdisciplinary thinking and practice
  • Family- centered care  
  • Leadership Skills

-->>  Consider LA LEND!!


LEND Training Components

  • Three Core Courses with embedded clinical/community experiences and on-line and “live” assignments designed to provide opportunities for application and reflection
    • MCH Foundations
      • A one-day Orientation to LEND and Community Building Seminar that will be held at HDC in July on a date that is to be determined
      • 5 full day sessions and a half-day celebration and opportunity to meet with their FME families (the week before the first week of fall semester; August 6-11)
    • Topics in ASD/NDD
      • Trainees learn about issues and best practices related to ASD/NDD and experience a variety of clinic- and community-based activities that provide deeper understanding and opportunities to observe and/or implement things learned in class
      • Class meets weekly during fall and spring semesters (Monday 5:30-7:00)
    • Interdisciplinary Leadership Seminar
      • Meets one Friday afternoon per month fall and spring semesters (12:30-4:30)
  • Family Mentoring Experience (FME)
    • FME is a year-long experience in which Trainees learn from and about the impact of ASD and other NDDs on the lives and routines of  families with whom they are paired
    • Trainees meet their families in a variety of settings at least 6 times per year
    • Trainees complete a project that addresses a need identified by their FME family by the end of April
  • Research activities related to ASD/NDD or other disabilities
  • Capstone project related to disability services, policy, advocacy, research, or systems change
  • LEND trainees will attend the AUCD Conference in Washington, DC, November 11–14


For more information about program requirements, see the links on this page.

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