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Boy using a cane at the park

Helping children with deafblindness achieve their potential on the Freedom Scientific podcast

Nicky Gillies and Cathy Miller of the Louisiana DeafBlind Project for Children and Youth were featured on the Freedom Scientific podcast! Tune in at minute 27 to hear them talk about the challenges of identifying deafblind kids young and helping them to achieve their potential.

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Posted 05/06/2024 by Stuart Simon

Girl with cochlear implant plays in grass with friend wearing glasses.

Looking for summer camps for your child who is Blind/low-vision, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, or DeafBlind?

The Louisiana DeafBlind Project created a list of summer camps available for children in grades Pre-K–12 who are Blind/low-vision, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, or DeafBlind.


Posted 04/15/2024 by Jolie Robichaux

Ali Kowitz headshot

Ali Kowitz, M.Ed. accepted into the 2024 AUCD Leadership Academy

Ali Kowitz, M.Ed., Interim Director of the Human Development Center's Education, Transition, and Community initiatives, has been accepted into the 2024 AUCD Leadership Academy.


Posted 04/05/2023 by Jolie Robichaux