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Kathleen Perrot


  1. Past/current experiences working in the field of disabilities:

As a speech-language pathology graduate student, over the past year I have participated in clinical placements working directly with children and adults with disabilities, as well as direct communication with families. Outside of clinical experiences, I have had the opportunity to participate in unique volunteer experiences related to assisting individuals and their families during my membership in the Loyola Maryland National Student Speech-Hearing-Language Association chapter and Honor Society. I have experience as a member of the Together for Down Syndrome Club at my undergraduate university. As a member, I helped to prepare a sponsored Rest Day in coordination with the Chesapeake Down Syndrome Parent Group. During these events, young adults with Down syndrome socialize with other individuals and volunteers as a way to give caretakers set time to take time to themselves.

  1. Goals for your LEND training experience:

My goals for participating in the LEND training experience are to further prepare myself to properly advocate and support future students and clients. I hope that participating in an interprofessional training will not only prepare me for future clients, but also will strengthen my interactions with their families as I grow to have a better understanding of their experiences.

  1. What do you wish to contribute, in the future, as a professional/self-advocate/family member in the field:

As a future professional in the field, it is my responsibility to learn the skills that are necessary for working within interdisciplinary teams in order to provide the best possible services for my clients. I hope to contribute to the field of speech-language pathology by gaining insight from clients, their families, and professionals in different fields to better understand how to support clients and colleagues. I hope to augment my training to be an efficient and effective provider and member of an interprofessional team.