Black-haired woman smiling wearing navy blue shirt with gray tag on front

Kirsten Steger


  1. Past/current experiences working in the field of disabilities:

In college I had the opportunity to care for children with various abilities and needs. This experience opened my eyes to the notion that maternal health, pediatric health, and governmental policy cannot be considered separate entities. After graduating, I spent three years as a rehabilitation tech at a pediatric outpatient facility at Children’s Health Dallas. My time as a tech exposed me to the numerous diagnoses that effected children and their families daily. I learned how speech, physical, and occupational therapy came together to help patients meet their goals. These included mobility, cognitive, and social skills based on client-centered collaboration.

  1. Goals for your LEND training experience:

My goals for the LEND include developing my knowledge of policies and laws enacted regarding people and their families with disabilities and learning how to improve advocacy skills necessary to aid in the advancement of a just and equitable nation. I also hope to learn more about unique programs and resources available to children and their families with developmental disabilities. An additional goal is to enrich my communication and teamwork skills as a member of an interprofessional team.

  1. What do you wish to contribute, in the future, as a professional/self-advocate/family member in the field:

In my career as an occupational therapist, I hope to contribute evidence-based, client-centered care for children and their families. In conjunction with my degree in occupational therapy, I envision that this experience will aid in the progression of clinical and advocacy skills working with those impacted by disability and barriers they face that inhibit their ability to live a holistic and happy life. My hope is that this program will support my development as an occupational therapist, while allowing me the opportunity learn how to give effective and impactful care to children at a local, state, and national level.