Black-haired person wearing earring, beads, and yellow shirt

Jakeel Abdullah

Greetings, my name is Jakeel Abdullah a Louisiana Native. I am a disability and mental illness self-advocate. I have served on and attended several boards and advisory committees, while also working with many figures both domestically and abroad in regards to bettering the disability community and representation of the black, LGBTQ+, and invisible disabilities community. My goal for the LEND program is to gain a broader perspective of different backgrounds coming together to enrich those in the disability community. While also how self-advocates can better aid in working within systems to achieve more awareness for their needs in care systems . I want to improve my repertoire of skills and knowledge as a self-advocate, remaining a “partner in policymaking”. My objective is to gain more insight on the understanding of how society can utilize technology to improve and assist the social and behavioral aspects of those with disabilities. My life’s work ultimately is aiding self-advocates to dream not of what they are, but of what they wish to become.