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COLA Changes 2023

  1. Student Earned Income Exclusion: 2023 Change - $2,200 monthly and $9,350 annually.
  2. Medicare for People Who Work: 2023 Change - Part A premium can cost up to $506.00 per month for those without 40 quarters of coverage.  Part B premium will cost $164.90 per month for up to 70% of Medicare recipients in 2021.
  3. Trial Work Period (TWP): The 2023 TWP amount is $1,050.00 per month.
  4. Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA): The 2023 SGA for non-blind individuals is $1,470.00 or more per month and $2,460.00 per month for visually impaired persons receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

For a complete explanation go to SSA Online and view the Redbook section or contact your local Benefits Planner by calling 1-866-YOURTICKET (1-866-968-7842).

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