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Rachel Pham


  1. Past/current experiences working in the field of disabilities:

I first discovered my interest in working in the field of disabilities while receiving my Bachelors of Public Health at Tulane University, and I found my passion for working with people with disabilities when I completed an internship with Children’s Hospital Palliative Care department. Through this experience, I learned the importance of listening to the needs and wants of the patients to provide patient/family centered care and optimize their quality of life. I worked as a tech at multiple pediatric clinics across the New Orleans area, where I worked with children with various diagnoses and disabilities. And currently, I am a second year Master of Occupational Therapy student at LSUHSC, where I am building my knowledge and skills to promote independence for others with holistic care. At LSUHSC, I also completed the Interprofessional Preparation Program (IPP), furthering my training for school-aged children with disabilities with high-intensity needs.

  1. Goals for your LEND training experience:

My goals from LEND are to listen and learn from a diverse group of people with various perspectives and advance my leadership, collaboration, interdisciplinary, and advocacy skills. I hope to gain more knowledge on disabilities, policies, and the Maternal and Child Health program to be an effective advocate and supporter for people with disabilities in my personal and professional life.

  1. What do you wish to contribute, in the future, as a professional/self-advocate/family member in the field:

In the future, I hope to be able to bridge the gap and break barriers that impede children and families from accessing care and resources. Born and raised in New Orleans East, I wish to give back to my community by advocating for services and policies that would increase access and quality of life. As an OT, I want to make a meaningful impact on the lives of people I meet within my career through advocacy, education, and direct service.