Testimonial: “I am grateful for the collaboration with HDC’s LASARD project, district leadership, and BUES educators.”

From Paige Phillips, Principal at Brusly Upper Elementary School:

The collaboration with HDC’s LASARD project has benefited Brusly Upper Elementary School (BUES) in a myriad of ways. LASARD project staff provided an additional lens in which to view students, teachers, paraprofessionals and their interactions.  Through these observations, we were able to narrow our scope of coaching to provide the most intentional and most effective support for students with ASD [and other disabilities], their teachers and paraprofessionals.  As a new principal yearning to provide world class education for all students on my campus, LASARD Educational Facilitators shared their observation tool and coached me in “look-for’s” with the ecological inventory.  Ecological inventories focus on classroom expectations/skills necessary for students to be successful. The use of this tool not only positively impacted my special education classrooms but all my classrooms.  Further, they provided evidence-based training to our paraprofessionals in a clear and meaningful way that allowed our students to flourish.  As the year progressed and other areas became of concern, our project-assigned Educational Facilitator collaborated with us to brainstorm solutions.  I am grateful for the collaboration with HDC’s LASARD project, district leadership, and BUES educators.  Our students with ASD and other disabilities, as well as our general education students, and all our faculty and staff have benefited from the partnership with HDC’s LASARD project! 

Louisiana state map with the parishes LASARD services colored in a light purple. The dark purple parish is West Baton Rouge.

About Louisiana Autism Spectrum and Related Disabilities (LASARD) Project

LASARD partners with school districts, systems, networks, or individual schools to build their capacity to serve students with disabilities.  We do this through team action planning, providing direct training, and coaching in classrooms.  The LASARD team provides educators with evidence-based strategies to improve the academic, social, behavior, and emotional outcomes of students with disabilities.

LASARD teaches you to support students academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.