Organize Your Finances and Disability Expenses

April is Financial Literacy Month and ABLEnow offers many helpful online resources to help you keep track of your personal finances. For example, ABLEnow offers an Expense Tracker to help you organize your Qualified Disability Expenses. With the Expense Tracker, you can:

  • add details such as dates, providers, and expense categories
  • upload receipts
  • enter expenses paid with cash
  • review expense totals

You can even download your Expense Tracker as a spreadsheet to print or save it for personal use.

About ABLEnow

The Stephen Beck Jr., Achieving a Better Life Experience Act, better known as the ABLE Act, received strong political support across party lines when it passed in 2014.

This federal legislation opened the door for ABLE programs, which must be set up and administered by a state. In 2015, Virginia became the first state in the country to pass ABLE legislation following the federal ABLE statute. The state legislation authorized development of the Virginia-sponsored ABLE program, ABLEnow.

And thanks to a 2015 amendment of the ABLE Act eliminating a state residency requirement, ABLEnow opened for national enrollment in December 2016.