Louisiana LEND’s Policy and Advocacy Coordinator Liz Gary to present on “Advocacy 101” at the Equal Pay Summit

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From the Office of the Governor, Office on Women’s Policy:

Please join us for a virtual Equal Pay Summit on November 16!

The gender wage gap has many causes and many possible solutions. This full-day Summit will explore the data and trends and look at opportunities to reduce the gap through individual action, employer action, and the passage of state, local and national policies.
Attend the full day or just the sessions that make the most sense for you!

WHAT: Virtual Equal Pay Summit

Hosted by the Governor’s Office on Women’s Policy in partnership with the Office of First Lady Donna Edwards and LSU Women’s Center

WHEN: Tuesday, November 16, 2021 from 9:00 to 3:30 p.m.

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About the Office on Women’s Policy

The Governor’s Office on Women’s Policy (OWP) supports public policy that promotes the educational, health, social and economic well-being of women and girls in Louisiana. A primary function of the office is to serve as a connector between non-profits, state and federal agencies, educational institutions, legislators and concerned citizens to promote effective collaborations to further the status of Louisiana women. This includes working collaboratively with the Louisiana Legislative Women’s Caucus and the Louisiana Women’s Foundation.

The office provides strategic support and leadership to the Louisiana Women’s Policy and Research Commission and the Domestic Violence Prevention Commission.

About First Lady Donna Edwards

A native of Mississippi, Donna grew up in a home where she was taught the importance of family, faith and helping others. They are core values she holds dear and uses to guide her life as she continually seeks ways to make a difference. 

As a wife, mother and teacher, Donna is excited to use her platform as First Lady of Louisiana to advocate for kids, families and educators by raising awareness about important issues and connecting communities with needed resources and support.

It’s a responsibility she takes seriously. Prayer is the constant that gives her hope and keeps her grounded. 

About the LSU Women’s Center

The LSU Women’s Center, a unit under the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, promotes the advancement of women’s issues and gender equality through its services, advocacy efforts, and educational programs. The Center also provides support, referral, and information to students, faculty, and staff on issues and concerns related to women.