Louisiana DeafBlind Project: Who We Are

Michael C. Norman, Ph.D., M.C.D., C.C.C./SLP

Michael Norman
Project Director
Michael Norman is an experienced special educator and speech-language pathologist.  Driven by a desire for universal student success, he takes pride in providing students, families, and professionals information and support in their efforts to assure access to education for all students.  In addition to his primary job functions for the LA DBP, Michael also directs a personnel preparation grant which prepares students from allied health professions for practice within schools and school systems.

Nicky Gillies, MSNIC

Short-haired brunette wearing glasses and gray shirt
Outreach and Education Coordinator
Nicky feels privileged to be involved in Deaf and DeafBlind communities in Louisiana and is passionate about supporting greater communication, environmental, and educational access. Nicky’s goal at the HDC is to support the many people involved in the life of a DeafBlind child or young adult by providing outreach, educational consulting, and connections to community resources. She believes in the transformative power of lifelong learning and aims to provide students and novice professionals with rich experiences for continued growth and education.

Rose Angelocci, Ph.D., CRC, CWIC

Rose Angelocci
Rose Angelocci is the DeafBlind Registry & Data Coordinator for LSU Human Development Center’s Louisiana DeafBlind Project for Children and Youth. Since 2017, Rose has provided technical assistance to families and professionals connected to children with combined vision and hearing loss especially in the areas of assistive technology, transition from high school, and the use of deafblind interveners. She also maintains the DeafBlind Registry for Louisiana.  Rose is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CR), a Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (CVRT), and a Certified DeafBlind Intervener.

Catherine “Cathy” Miller, MA

Cathy Miller
Family Engagement Coordinator
Cathy Miller works as Family Engagement Coordinator for the Louisiana Deafblind Project for Children and Youth.  She is a trained listener and counselor.  She is committed to using her skills to empower those with whom she works.  Her goals include finding  a voice for those who cannot speak and bringing understanding and communication to deafblind individuals and their friends and loved ones.  In addition to her role as liaison to Louisiana families with children who are deafblind, Cathy is known throughout the U.S. as an advocate and grassroots organizer who is committed to the empowerment of deafblind citizens.