Bring On the Sunshine! Shining Light on ASD and Essential Supports

LASARD: Louisiana Autism Spectrum and Related DisabilitiesEssential Support Strategies to Success

Everyone utilizes essential support strategies throughout their day. Which essential supports have you used in the last 24 hours? Visual Supports (maps, signs, recipes)? Priming (agendas, reminders, notices)? Form of communication (text messages, emails)? Accommodations/modifications (glasses, watches, highlighters)? Reinforcement (paycheck, awards, bonuses)? As you can see, we use these essential supports several times throughout the day without even thinking about it. Join us in learning how these everyday supports can be used in classrooms and at home to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to be successful and avoid frustration. We will also share a checklist you can utilize to examine best practices, including essential support strategies, for individuals with ASD.

This webinar is geared toward educators that may be new to teaching students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), family members seeking more information about essential support strategies, or seasoned educators looking to refine their skills.

LASARD Webinars are offered live online via Adobe Connect. These one hour sessions are free and open to anyone interested. 

CEUs are provided to those who are online for the entire hour.

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