What’s New with LASARD? (September 2018)

The LASARD facilitators are excited to be back in schools. We’ve provided professional development to several districts/organizations since the beginning of the school year. We’d like to thank all of the teams/ organizations below for asking us to present to their educators and staff members. Some of the topics covered include: ASD and Essential Supports, Transition Supports and Strategies, Function Based Behavior Strategies, and Social Interaction Strategies. 

Partner/Alumni Districts 

  • East Baton Rouge Parish
  • Tangipahoa Parish
  • Plaquemines Parish

Non-Partner/Community Organizations

  • St. John the Baptist Parish
  • Greater New Orleans Collaborative of Charter Schools
  • Families Helping Families of Region 7

We are in the process of conducting the Fall LAQI (Louisiana Autism Quality Indicators) with our district team members to collect baseline data on our partner schools. We will conduct a Spring LAQI towards the end of the school year to monitor progress.