LEND Scholars

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Black-haired person wearing earring, beads, and yellow shirt
Jakeel Abdullah
Black-haired woman in flowered shirt smiling
Sakshie Alreja
Brunette-with-red-highlights woman in black shirt smiling with overbite
Paige Dublin
Physical Therapy
Blonde woman smiling wearing purple sleeveless shirt with visible seams
Emily Grest
Professional (Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst)
Almost black-haired woman in light gray shirt
Sydney Imhoff Kukulka
Black-haired woman wearing black- and gold-striped shirt
Imani Johnson
Occupational Therapy
Blonde woman semi-smiling wearing red spotted shirt
Brooke Osborn
Professional (Licensed Professional Counselor)
Brunette woman smiling wearing grey shirt
Kathleen Perrot
Speech-Language Pathology
Black-haired woman smiling in almost-blue-almost-gray shirt
Rachel Pham
Occupational Therapy
Brunette woman smiling wearing black sleeveless shirt
Abby Samaha
Speech-Language Pathology
Purplw-haired woman in abstract-colored sleeveless top
Samantha Singletary
Family Discipline
Blonde woman in pink-marbled sleeveless top
Taylor Stansberry
Black-haired woman smiling wearing navy blue shirt with gray tag on front
Kirsten Steger
Occupational Therapy