IPP Scholars

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Neha Ahmed headshot
Neha Ahmed
Mental Health Counseling
Madalyn Caldwell-Roark headshot
Madalyn Caldwell-Roark
Deaf Education
Martha Dart Headshot
Martha Dart
Paige Dublin headshot
Paige Dublin
Physical Therapy
Mary Katherine Hadden headshot
Mary Katherine Hadden
Madison Humphries headshot
Madison Humphries
Imani Johnson headshot
Imani Johnson
Occupational Therapy
Kathleen Perrot headshot
Kathleen Perrot
Speech-Language Pathology
Rachel Pham headshot
Rachel Pham
Occupational Therapy
Kirsten Steger headshot
Kirsten Steger
Occupational Therapy
Campbell Sullivan headshot
Campbell Sullivan
Occupational Therapy
Nichelle Westerburg
Nichelle Westerburg
Special Education: Visual Impairment