Does Your Classroom Have “Good Bones?”

A Classroom with Good Bones

“This classroom has good bones!” So what does good bones mean, exactly? In real estate, a house with good bones means it has a floor plan that is well thought out and meets the needs of the people who occupy it. Just like houses, all classrooms, general and special education, can have good bones. This can be accomplished by creating a classroom layout that is visually clear and by incorporating basic, essential visual supports that help students with ASD navigate their environment, get and stay organized and participate more fully and independently in activities throughout their day. In this webinar we will explore different ways to structure your classroom environment, share visual supports that will benefit every student in your classroom and provide you with a tool you can use to evaluate your own environment.

LASARD Webinars are offered live online via Adobe Connect. These one hour sessions are free and open to anyone interested. 

CEUs are provided to those who are online for the entire hour.




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