Laura Stazio

Laura Stazio, MS, CESP


Laura Stazio is a Certified Employment Support Professional. She has been working at HDC since 2012 on Employment Initiatives to increase the capacity of Supported Employment Agencies in Louisiana through training and mentoring. At HDC, she also works on Web and Graphics Design, and is the Data Coordinator for the National Information Reporting System (NIRS). She is currently the President of the Louisiana Association for Persons Supporting Employment First (LA APSE). Laura completed the HDC training program in Leadership Education on Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) in 2013. Prior to living in New Orleans, Laura lived in Montreal Canada where she was an Assistive Technology Specialist for Canada’s Eastern Provinces. She was called upon to teach, implement, program and adapt assistive technology devices and was involved in the development of French products. Prior to working in Assistive Technology, Laura Stazio worked in the telecommunications industry as a Senior Systems Engineer. Laura graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Tulane University in Biomedical Engineering, and from Columbia University in New York City with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.