John Johnson

Dr. John Johnson came to HDC in July of last year by way of San Diego and South Dakota, in part, to be closer to two of his brothers who live in the area and to address his intense dislike for snow and cold.  Word is he is now rethinking his appreciation of heat and humidity… John (sometimes known as Dr. J) came with his traveling companion, a service dog, Rowan who is an avid ball player, social magnet, and swimmer.  He also works as John’s social coordinator.  Rowan’s all-time favorite is trips to NOLA CityBark Park where he hangs out with other dogs and sprawls in the pool with his tennis ball.  John has traveled all over the country and the world.  He has been to Korea, India, Mexico, Honduras, Sweden, China, Canada and Japan.  He has lived in California, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts and Oregon.  For fun, when John is not playing with Rowan, he is heavily involved in the Martial Arts.  He is a certified 7th degree black belt and master instructor of Soo Bahk Do (Korean martial art from which many Tae Kwon Do styles originated).  He is also ranked in other martial arts including Gracie Jiu Jitsu.  He likes to camp although has taken to using a camper to get outdoors especially in parks that are close to a body of water.  He is a news junkie addicted to NPR, CNN, MSNBC, and any all manner of news.  John loves good conversation and likes hanging out.  Its rumored that he also likes to hang out in local pubs (as long as they’re accessible) to drink a few (especially single malt scotch), listen to music, and attract people who like Rowan.  Bottom line is John is really Rowan’s chauffer, caregiver and provider.  HDC is a richer and better organization thanks to the many attributes and contributions John brings to us.