Alleviating the Guesswork: Teaching Critical Communication Skills

Do you have students or children who take your hand and push or pull you to indicate there is something they want but you have no idea which thing it could be? Do you find yourself having to guess and often guessing wrong, only adding to the frustration? Being able to ask for a specific item is one of the most basic and critical communication skills for all learners to develop. Critical communication skills are those skills that are essential for day-to-day living and unless mastered, can lead to unexpected and disruptive behaviors. This webinar will discuss 9 critical communication skills, evidence based strategies for teaching them and provide examples of visual supports that can be utilized to support learning and independence.

LASARD Webinars are offered live online via Adobe Connect. These one hour sessions are free and open to anyone interested. 

CEUs are provided to those who are online for the entire hour.

WHERE: Live online via Adobe Connect



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