April 2019

DD Waiver Provider and Support Coordination Rates Restored

The rates for DD waiver providers and support coordination were restored to 2008 levels effective 4/1/2019 using money from the New Opportunities Waiver (NOW) Fund.  You all will recall the Council approved the use of the NOW Fund for this rate restoration at the October 2018 Council meeting and we had hoped the rates would be restored in January 2019.  However, OCDD did not receive the needed approval from the legislature and administration to use the funding to restore the rates at that time.


The rate restoration that went into effect today is through the end of this fiscal year.  Funding will have to be appropriated by the legislature to continue it beyond June 30th.


Please see attached letter from Julie Foster Hagan that was disseminated to providers and others this morning.

Letter about Restoration of Waiver Fees