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Consortium Membership

The Louisiana School Psychology Internship Consortium (LAS*PIC) is a joint venture between the Human Development Center (HDC) of the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) in New Orleans and Local Educational Agencies (LEAs). LAS*PIC is dedicated to providing vital experiences to help the intern become successful in their chosen profession. Interns are placed in school-based sites and are given real-life experience in the practice of school psychology in the school setting. Our consortium partners provide interns with opportunities to use their skills and knowledge in a variety of ways including assessment, intervention, consultation, and systems development and evaluation. Utilizing both school-based and professional supervisors, the internship provides authentic, school-based experiences with students, educators, professionals from other disciplines, and families.

Because our Consortium Partners have changing needs from one year to the next, our participating sites vary each year. Interested applicants apply to the LAS*PIC program and applicants chosen for interviews interview with representatives from every participating site for the following year. Applicants then rank and are matched with individual sites. Participating sites are typically set by December for the following year. LAS*PIC uses APPIC’s late-breaking news announcements to communicate updates to applicants.

School and school districts interested in learning more about the benefits of being a Consortium Partner and having a LAS*PIC intern on their staff should contact Kim Sherman, LAS*PIC Director, at 

Current Sites for 2020-21

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