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Employment Progress: three_coin

The first thing Jo'Juan will tell you is that she loves art. The second thing is that she comes from a large and loving family. Her social activities with her family include tailgate parties at Saints games. Since the passing of her mother, she is supported by her siblings and spends time living with her brother and a sister.

Jo'Juan is very friendly and full of joy. She is ideally suited for a job that involves greeting customers and opportunities to talk with coworkers. She would like to work in a grocery store if she can not find a job doing art. When she gets a job, Jo'Juan wants to buy a pink camera phone so she can talk with her family and friends.

Jo'Juan receives supported employment services from Strive, Inc.

Eligibility - Apply for employment servicesone_coin
Assessment - Job preferences are foundtwo_coin
Job Development- Looking for jobsthree_coin
Job Placement- Land the Job
Training- Get trained on the job site by Job Coach
Supports- Job aides and helpful coworkers are found
Fading- Job Coach spends less and less time at job site
Follow Along- Job Coach only needs to stop by twice a month to check up

Jo'Juan's Job Path



Conversations during Jo'Juan's assessment were geared towards uncovering her abilities and interests. Making art was her number one interest, but the job coaches also discovered that she could spell simple words and type them into a computer as seen in this video. While these skills may not be necessary for her job, they demonstrate her focus and determination to a given task.

Also in the video, Jo’Juan talks about all the activities she shares with her close knit family, like tailgating for Saints games and pool parties at her brothers house. She is very social.

Also, it became clear that Jo’Juan is accustomed to being surrounded and supported by her brothers and sisters. For example, when Jo’Juan started going to the Strive Day Program, one of her sisters found a job there to keep an eye on her.

Jo’Juan will do best in a work environment where she is surrounded by coworkers and customers and where her family will be welcomed for visits

As part of the Community Based Assessment, Jo'Juan was asked to make some copies.



As part of the Community Based Assessment, Jo'Juan was asked to make some copies.

  • Open enveloped
  • Take out papers
  • Remove clips and staples
  • Place papers in copier tray
  • Hit scan button
  • Hit start button
  • Wait for copying to end
  • Remove papers from copier
  • Put original papers back in envelope


Job Development

Job Development is easier when employer selection is more focused. Before hitting the streets, the job coaches first wanted to find work environments that would be best suited for Jo’Juan.

The Uptown area was selected for potential employers so that when her work schedule coincided with her current Strive schedule, it would not disrupt her family’s routine. Targeting employers and jobs that fit Jo’Juan’s personality and lifestyle help ensure her on-going success.

Because of these and other job “requirements” gleaned from the assessment, about a dozen businesses were selected for job development. Mapquest’s Route Planning Tool was used to create an itinerary of employers for the job coaches to contact.

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