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____________Donald Leger
____________Coordinator, LA Work Incentive Planning and Assistance

1900 Gravier St., New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
phone 337-962-3476


Donald Leger has 13 years of service in the Social Services field, beginning as a Job Developer/Employment Specialist with the Louisiana ARC in Lafayette, LA and later becoming a benefits specialist with the Louisiana Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach (BPAO) Project with the Governor’s Office of Disability Affairs (GODA), a collaborative effort with the LSUHSC Human Development Center, through the Ticket to Work legislation enacted in 1999, assisting persons with Social Security recognized disabilities make informed choices about their return to work.

Beginning in 2006, via employment directly with the LSUHSC Human Development Center, Mr. Leger became project manager and benefits planner with the Louisiana Work Incentive Planning and Assistance
(LA-WIPA) Coalition, where his responsibilities include staff development and technical support.

Mr. Leger is married and lives in Lafayette with his wife of 15 years. Mr. Leger and his wife are legal guardians of Mr. Leger’s niece, ten years of age, at the age of five months.

Mr. Leger strives to assist those whose lives are not only affected by their disability, but by aiding them in overcoming the multitude of barriers to employment with the use of Social Security work initiatives.