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This section of the Website contains Part B and Part C data reported annually by states to the Office of Special Education (OSEP), including state-by-state, rank-ordered, and historic trend data.

Part B Data & Notes

Part C Data & Notes

Population Data

State-level Data Files

State Rank-Ordered Tables

Trend Data

Technical Assistance (TA) Materials

Use the links on this page to access technical assistance materials to improve data collection and reporting.



618 Data Collection Information


Data Collection Forms
Data collection tables and Data Transmission Spreadsheets (DTS) for the submission of Part B and Part C IDEA data are available by accessing the links below.

Part B Forms

Part B DTS

Part C Forms

Part C DTS



OSEP 2010 Overlapping IDEA Part B & Part C Data Meetings
More information

Part B Data History - updated January 2010
More information

Part C - Trend Data Report for States and Outlying Areas, 2003-04 through
More information

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